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Sure Lace | Reflect White White | Yankz
Sure Lace | Reflect White White | Yankz
Features & Details
Yankz! is not just for runners and multi-sport athletes, but for all people that want better fitting shoes with the bonus of never having to tie again.
Yankz! is ideal for;
  • Triathlon & Multi-Sport
  • Runners
  • Walkers
  • Fitness & Gyms
  • Youth & Schools
  • Cognitive and Physically Challenged
  • Seniors
  • Medical – Nursing, Maternity etc
  • Health & Safety
The Yankz! Sure Lace System is the most comfortable and innovative athletic lacing system around. The patented two point adjustment system allows you to adjust the tension at both the ankle and the toe box therefore eliminating pressure on the top of the foot without compromising the support required at the toe box.
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