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Glossary of Terms

A style of pump featuring one or both sides cut-out.
Dainite sole
Found on a range of shoes, but particularly men's formal shoes, Dainite soles are smooth rubber soles that feature small circular dimples rather than a lug pattern. Dainite soles are intended to replicate the look of leather soles while adding durability and suitability in wet weather.
Demi Boot
A style of boot whose shaft is generally no taller than the anklebone.
A term sometimes used to describe shoes that features 'Blucher' style lacing. Derby brogues are defined by their open laced eye stay structure. This occurs when the quarters of the shoe overlap the vamp. Derby brogues are normally considered less formal than Oxfords.
Desert boot
Technically a sub-style of the chukka boot, desert boots have gained such a following since their introduction by Clarks that they’ve essentially become a style in their own right. The chief difference between desert and chukka boots is that the upper of the former is made from suede, while the outsole is crepe rather than leather. As the name suggests, these boots were created for desert-based infantrymen in the Second World War, who needed a shoe that was both lightweight and grippy.
Distressed Leather
 This is another term used for antiqued leather.
Double lasting
Double lasting is when a single shoe undergoes two lasting operations during assembly. The lasting operations maybe to pull a leather lining tight with no wrinkles or to pull a water proofing lining tight. The second lasting operation would be the shoe upper. Double lasting is often used to “hide” a molded foam midsole inside the shoe.
The application of polish or gloss to a shoe to maintain its finish and appearance.
A dual layered configuration composed of a moisture-absorbing hydrophilic nylon fiber and a moisture-resisting hydrophobic polyester layer knitted together.
Driving shoe
Most commonly a suede moccasin design, driving shoes are characterised by their comfort and the presence of small rubber spots or pads on the sole, to provide traction and comfort.
DryFast - DrySoft™
The special leather used on Dubarry’s range of high quality boots, DryFast-DrySoft™ does what it says on the tin. In the knowledge that their boots frequently get wet through everyday use in the countryside, Dubarry have created a leather which dries quickly and retains its natural softness and luster for longer than regular leather.
Duck boot
Also known as waders, duck boots take their name from the duck hunters who they were originally adapted for. They are known for their striking appearance as well as their practicality; the lower portion of the upper is made from vulcanised rubber, while the upper part is made with leather, to offer both comfort and complete water tightness when walking in shallow waters.
Durabrush is made of synthetic suede and micro-fiber materials to create a smooth, soft upper.
Duty Shoe
A health care professional or service industry shoe.