Equilibrio Bijow Low I WP | Black Forget Me Not | Hi Tec
equilibrio bijow low i wp | black forget me not
Black | Forget Me Not
Womens - Hi-Tec
Rio Quest | Olive Brown | Hi Tec
rio quest | olive brown
Olive | Brown
Mens - Hi-Tec
Trail Ox Chukka |Choc Burnt Orange | Hi Tec
trail ox chukka |choc burnt orange
Chocolate | Burnt Orange
Mens - Hi-Tec
Trail Ox Low | Black Goblin Blue | Hi Tec
trail ox low | black goblin blue
Black | Goblin Blue
Mens - Hi-Tec
Witton V-Lite | Black | Hi Tec
witton v-lite
Mens - Hi-Tec
Witton V-Lite | Dark Chocolate | Hi-Tec
witton v-lite
Dark Chocolate
Mens - Hi-Tec
HI-TEC SPORTS was founded in 1974 in the appropriately named village of Shoeburyness, in Essex, England. Our original success grew from the breakthrough design and development of Hi-Tec's first ever shoe, THE HI-TEC SQUASH, specifically designed for the then fast growing game of squash. An industry benchmark then and now, few shoes in athletic footwear history have recorded unit sales of over 18 million pairs worldwide to date. The Hi-Tec Squash remains Britain's all time best selling sports shoe model to this day.
It was not until 1982 that the Hi-Tec brand name and logo were globally launched as a result of our decision to become a major worldwide sports brand. The innovative, successful global development of our brand became a casebook study at the Harvard Business School. Today we are proud to report that there are over 500 Hi-Tec styles being commercialised throughout 80 countries world-wide, under the Hi-Tec Outdoor, Hi-Tec Court, Hi-Tec Golf, Hi-Tec Sport, Urban collections and Magnum brands. A whole family of great products for sports and footwear enthusiasts.
of our heritage. For 40 years we’ve been delivering quality and craftsmanship in everything we do. Even though we’ve sold products in nearly 100 countries, we take most pride in being a family business, one that inspires everyday people to enjoy walking every day.
and have a strong appetite for life. Beyond every curve in the road, every undiscovered path and every hill, there is a whole new world waiting to be discovered. Our aim is to get people out there, making the most of it.
 Our integrity is our heartbeat. It’s apparent in how we conduct ourselves, what we create and how we deliver on our promise of ‘honest product for an honest price’.
and never take ourselves too seriously. We approach life with enthusiasm and a huge smile, creating products that help our customers do the same.
Brand Manifesto
We are driven by a restless desire to help people make the most of life. Our products are developed with the needs of consumers in mind and our innovations are motivated by understanding how they use them.
 That’s why we have been inspiring life since 1974.