Written by Jonathan Grant | Originally appeared on Fresh Exchange
One is tempted when creating a city guide, to list every single cool place of which everyone is talking. Rather than doing this, I am giving you a workable list of the spots I and my friends frequent. They are all weird and wonderful, and not to be missed.
Brunch – Treize Bakery
This St. Germain spot might be the coziest in Paris. When you make your way through the courtyard off the rue St. Pere, The owner greets you kindly and offers fresh biscuits (those are rare in Paris)… she will probably chat with you for a bit, and then scurry off to help her staff make you a mind-blowing meal.
To See Art – Palais De Tokyo
Fave museum. Always filled with mind and heart altering exhibitions. The Palais features contemporary installations from around the world. There is also a great restaurant / cafe / bookstore / club. I try to go once or twice a month.
Good Coffee – Le Pelaton
I could go on all day about all of the cool new coffee places sprouting up in Paris, but this one is my current fave. Friendly, adorable, simple… The vibe is unpretentious, and their back courtyard will be opening late next Spring. (Also, they have WIFI, so double win).
Find Vintage – Kilo Shop
I pop by once a week to see what is new in this massive shop. Pricing is by weight, and while it is not the cheapest vintage in the world, it is the go-to location for vintage clothing in Paris. Check out the location near the BHV.
Spend Your Cash – Merci
Part concept store, part department store… Merci is a haven for everything simple and well-curated. They have a fewcafes, the best linens in Paris, and all the little objects for your home that you didn’t know you needed. (If you can’t find it here, try the BHV).
Look At Magazines – OFR
OFR is a magical shop near Temple. Stacks and stacks of magazines and art books await your perusal. They even stock old editions, and little prints and treasures, and sell vegetables out front on weeknights.
Rest A While – Seymour +
This is the coolest new thing in Paris. It is a technology-free quiet-zone. For 7 euros you can explore the different peaceful and well-designed rooms. In each there is a writing prompt, or cozy chair, and a few tactile objects. I spent a peaceful afternoon at Seymour + last week, and I am dying to get back. There is something sensual and sacred about the environment there.
Catch A Drink With Friends – Rue Montorgueil
This is a great place to see and be seen and is becoming a regular haunt of mine for this reason… when you meet up with friends at a cafe space is limited…and 
on a usual street there are only two or three acceptable cafes. So a street like Montreuguil is always handy to know of, because there are many, many cafes to choose from. So you can perhaps meet a larger group, or not worry about your favorite cafe not having space. Also note- no one sits inside, even if it is cold. Get a prime spot on the front of the terrace (even if you don’t smoke) and watch the world go by.
Rules for Terrace-watching: Keep your phone hidden, watch how much space you are using, don’t be too loud, a drink buys you 2-3 hours, flirt with your eyes not with your smile.
Dinner – Cafe de L’Industrie
When I say that l’Industrie is my favorite cafe, I actually mean that it is really the ONLY cafe to which I return on a regular basis. I am not a creature of habit, but the decor and vibes at this place make me feel at home. The staff is always lovely, and it is cozy on a cold day. There are locations on both sides of the street. GO TO THE BROWN ONE. Trust me.
Hear Some Tunes – La Flèche D’or
Built in an old metro station, Flèche d’Or is a great spot to catchmusic of every genre. It is small enough that you will be able to keep track of your friends, and big enough that you can hear musicians of whom you already know. (I once saw Cat Power play here for free).