Written by Jay Sanders

For people who enjoy hiking, one of the most important pieces of equipment is their hiking boots. They are designed for the express purpose of hiking in them. Out of necessity, they offer the optimum in comfort when it comes to walking long distances over rugged terrain. Really good hiking boots will also protect your feet in water, mud, or while walking on rocks.

An important aspect of hiking boots is the support they provide for the ankles as well as a stiff support that helps the entire foot. While it does restrict ankle movement, the hiking boots will protect against such things as blisters that can crop up while walking for long distances. This is one of many reasons that hiking boots are considered a vital part of any backpacking equipment. Hiking boots can make or break a hiking trip so it’s smart not to skimp on them.
When choosing the best hiking boots for your trip consider what sort of hiking you’ll be doing. If you’re just a weekend hiker, you’ll probably be fine with a decent pair of shoes that don’t come with extra frills. These give you the kind of traction you need but without the heaviness of boots. However, if you have weak ankles or will be travelling over particularly rugged areas, boots will be best. They will prevent you from hurting your ankles by offering maximum support.
The correct hiking boots will feel stiff and give a little on the outer sole as well as around the ankle. In spite of the stiffness of the boots, they also need to be comfortable. This means that they need to feel right the first time you try them on.
Features on some of the latest hiking boots are such things as cushioning air units that are optimised to balance out the rocky and stony terrains against the feet, as well as offer protections to the sides of the feet. Ankle supports are stiffer so they can offer better protection against ankle injuries. The soles are rubber and anti-skid, offering both waterproofing and breathability of the feet.
Keep in mind that the best hiking boots will give your ankles and feet both stiffness and springiness that will be needed when hiking across rugged terrain. It is vital to find the very best hiking boots for you that have all of the most desirable qualities while also fitting you as comfortable as possible.