Our signature trademark is the anti-slip rubber outsole on our shoes to ensure positive traction when the shoes are worn on slippery surfaces. Since the surrounding area of Lake Constance is well-known for water sports and outdoor activities, we decided to develop and produce “Amphibian Gear.” Amphibians are animals that metamorphose from a juvenile water breathing form to an adult air breathing form, we follow this idea of shoes that are suitable for both water and land. The holes in the outsole of our shoes allow dry and fresh air to enter from the bottom, circulating throughout the interior of the shoe and then releasing the trapped air through the mesh upper. With patented air circulation construction and nano-charcoal (carbon) insole material, the fresh air will keep your feet dry as well as prevent odor with Prolite patented lining material. These features maximize your comfort due to the ventilation cooling system. At Kröten, we strive to create versatile shoes that can meet our customers’ needs anytime and anywhere.